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Tablet Rental Hungary Kft

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Office: Óbuda Gate  
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Flexible lease, mobility

Our tablets allow you to roll out, and mobilize your planned projects quickly and effectively. 

You can set the number of rented devices from a few peace’s to a larger scale like several tens or even up to 100 pcs at a time. We carefully measure your needs in advance to allocate the most appropriate device for your project. Knowing your targets and the requested device features we offer the tablet fit for your needs. Rely on us to set the equipment and to install the applications! This case the tablets will be all set and ready to serve your colleagues! Whether it is a one-time rent (one or more days, weekend) or a reoccurring activity our offers are cover the real lease periods. Check out the range of offers in our Partner program.

Fleet acquisition

You wish to buy a new device, but it is uncertain which type would be appropriate. The deadlines are close but the requested budget is not yet available. Please ask for our help!

Various devices are available in advance for testing shorter or longer period.  Once the device is selected we send you our detailed quote. You can choose from various rental options, which one fits best to your long-term business needs.  It also part of our offer to find accessories (mainly protective cases) to protect the units and ensure convenient usage.


We try to help in any situation! It is part of our lease service to offer a phone support (Help-Desk) to resolve any problem or failures, or just to answer questions on how to use.

In case of failure we undertake the replacement of tablets, as far as possible within 24 hours. In Budapest during a shorter period of time.

Initially, it may be necessary for the team, or staff to run training on how to use the devices or deal with applications.  We offer targeted trainings, shorter or longer presentations to demonstrate the tools, making it easier to start dealing with them. All this adapted to your expectations.

Demand for other mobile / IT equipment hire

Occasionally, in addition to tablets, other mobile devices - such as iPhone, other smart phones, laptops, sensory consoles, monitors - LED TV – might be necessary for the event, or the planned activity. In this case, please contact us. We also offer rental solution for custom requests, or special needs. So you can obtain all the necessary information about your possibilities, under one roof. You can evaluate our offer as a whole, saving yourself a great amount of time and energy.


If interested in any of the above mentioned services in general please call us at +36 70 346 8027 anytime.